Onyx stone or commonly called onyx marble is a type of natural limestone popular because it is famous for its translucent characteristics. For centuries, onyx has been used for jewelry, art, and architecture, because of its distinctive motifs and patterns with attractive color combinations such as golden onyx, brown onyx, green onyx, and black onyx.


Onyx is formed from the deposition of silica in lava cavities by a natural process over thousands of years, and its translucency comes from the mineral layers it contains.


As a supplier and distributor of natural stone, SimplyStone sells a variety of onyx slabs for architectural interior design needs. This onyx stone slab is very suitable to be the main choice with a luxurious and charming theme in a room, such as a bathroom, table, floor, and also walls.


In general, onyx stone applications can vary, usually used on walls as backlit because of their translucent nature. When the onyx layer is exposed to light, it will give a very beautiful light effect and spread throughout the room. Besides being used for walls, onyx stone is also suitable as the main material for tables, bars, sinks, and so on.


Find Complete Motif Onyx Stones for Interior and Exterior at SimplyStone

As a distributor of complete onyx stones, SimplyStone sells these stones with various motifs, at affordable prices according to your needs. Beautify walls, floors, bathrooms, living rooms, and other interiors with SimplyStone. Green onyx, golden onyx, brown onyx. dragon onyx or other onyx motifs are available. Don't forget to check other types of natural stone products from SimplyStone such as marble, quartzite, travertine, and granite for your interior and exterior design architectural needs.


Onyx Interior Color Options


Onyx stone is very unique because it has a very unique choice of types, colors, and motifs. You could say the choice of motif, color, and type depends on the origin of the onyx stone maker. There are several popular onyx color options available at SimplyStone.


Blue Onyx


This is one of the favourite colours available at SimplyStone. There are various types of onyx with blue motifs, which you can buy with various motifs. Some examples of products include Blue Fantasy with a dominant blue color combined with beautiful motifs combined to create an attractive impression.


Green onyx


Furthermore, Green Onyx is one type of onyx stone which is also very effective for creating a calming appearance. Examples of products from SimplyStone are Green Onyx and Light Green Onyx. These interior and exterior material products are available in various sizes ranging from 60x60 to custom sizes as desired. The green color reflects light which makes your room cooler and cooler, suitable for use in places with very hot weather.


Gold Onyx


Another popular onyx color to be used as an accent choice in the interior of a room is Golden Onyx. The gold color itself is very popular, especially if you are designing the interior of a room with a luxurious and elegant concept. With the characteristics of translucent onyx stone, it will make it suitable as your best onyx stone wall choice.


Other Colors and Patterns


The collection of products from SimplyStone itself is so large that it cannot be mentioned one by one. You can immediately contact us to find out the availability of onyx stone, and get a free consultation on interior project solutions right now.

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