20 April 2021 - by Simplystone

Mare Verde Marble


Mare Verde Marble is an imported Italian marble stone by Simplystone available to you. Mare Verde means "green sea" in Indonesian, looks like this marble slab motif with green color plus waves like waves in the sea. In fact, this type is often compared to and compared to other types of Italian white marble.


Application of Mare Varde Marble Natural Stone


Mare Varde marble is also known for its resistance to impact, and extreme weather such as cold, and mediocrity. and is resistant to scratches and chemicals. For this reason, it is highly recommended for you lovers of natural stone accents. This marble is very suitable to be implemented in your building area, both interior such as walls, marble bathrooms, and stairs, or for exterior areas such as terraces or even facades. Some of the applications include:

  • Accent wall
  • Application for marble floor
  • Marble bathroom
  • Office lobbies, buildings, and so on
  • Furniture such as kitchen table, dining room, and family
  • And various other applications


Get Napoleon Red Marble From SimplyStone


Simplystone provides Mare Verde marble in sizes from 175 x 256, and other slab sizes can be customized according to your request. Check the price of Mare Verde Marble by contacting Simplystone now, and get a free consultation about what type of natural stone is right for you and what you need. Also, check various other natural stone products for interior and exterior needs.

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