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Express your personal or business vision by incorporating natural stone in your home or workplace. Available in an incredible variety of stone types, styles, textures, and colors, natural stone is a wonderful creative resource that you can use to redefine and re-energize your space.


Explore a captivating and endless palette of earth tones, mineral tones, prismatic tones, bold darks, silky whites, and subtle grays at Simply Stone to add warmth, dimension, and harmony to any of your spaces.


Complete interior and exterior luxury stone with Simplystone, which includes:



Our inventory includes a diverse range of cool neutrals and eye-catching exotics to suit every style and budget.

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Combine, compose and create the perfect look for your interiors or exteriors. 


Need inspiration on how to add style, personality, or change the mood of your space?Tour our virtual gallery for wonderful, creative ideas by top interior designers and architects who found their inspiration at Simply Stone.


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Simply Stone was established in 1990 to bring the the widest range of Marble, Granite, Onyx, and other natural stone to discerning buyers in Indonesia. Dedicated to delivering a newstone buying experience that is distinguished by its customer focus and professional expertise, Simply Stone has instilled unparalleled ease and enjoyment into the process, from selection and design through to delivery and installation.

As a company built on trust and community values, Simply Stone is committed to sustainable methods of production and works only with partners who meet its standards of quality, safety, integrity, and environmental stewardship.
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