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Granite Crystal Yellow


One type of granite that is often used is crystal yellow granite, which is a typical Indian granite with a strong yellow base color and black, gray, and brown dotted motifs. This type is very distinctive with a central Asian feel which can certainly complement the granite design style. So that this type is one of the choices that are quite popular for those who love granite. Crystal yellow granite combines natural strength with a variety of textures and a smooth appearance. In terms of chromaticity, this type of granite provides great uniformity in terms of texture and pleasant feel. Naturally having the properties of other types of granite, this crystal yellow granite is known for its strong durability. Resistant to moisture and scratches with maintenance that tends to be easy, making this type of granite is widely used for private home projects and commercial buildings.


Use of Yellow Crystal Granite


We often encounter this type in various interior designs such as floors, walls, tables, terraces, etc. However, most of these types are often used for kitchen tables because they have been tested to withstand high temperatures. In addition, its natural glossy appearance makes it look radiant all the time. Of course, it is very suitable to be used as a floor that will make the building brighter. Let's take a look at some of the applications where Granite Crystal Yellow is proving to be a great choice for different types of buildings:

  • Bathroom Area
  • Different Types of Tables
  • Inner and Outer Floor
  • Inner and Outer Walls


Get Crystal Yellow Granite Only From Simplystone


Known as a type of granite from North India which is yellow in color, with a glossy surface and black dots that look beautiful. The attractive pattern and texture of this stone is the main reason that it attracts many people, so the demand for crystal yellow granite continues to increase. Simplystone as one of the most complete granite shops provides the best crystal yellow granite for you. With a size of 90x265, we always provide premium quality granite products for you. What are you waiting for, contact us immediately to get a cheap, affordable price offer. You can also consult directly with our team of experts.

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