19 October 2021 - by Simplystone

Neon Granite


Neon Granite is a natural stone product from SimplyStone. Neon granite slab has a neon blue color suitable as an interior design accent for granite walls, floors, or for the bathroom. This Neon Granite product has a bright color with a brick red motif which of course will be very interesting to use for your project or building material. Also check out Varia Decoris granite products, with a level of similarity in terms of colors and motifs.


Neon granite from SimplyStone has the advantage of being of the best quality, with an original formation process from nature. You can request the size according to your needs, as well as finishing such as polishing, and so on.


Application of Neon Granite For Interior and Exterior

The application of Neon granite itself can be used for interior and exterior materials. Starting from modern, vintage, or traditional concepts, to various other interesting concepts. Following are some examples of neon granite applications:


  • Accent wall for a cool lighting background
  • Flooring, whether for outdoor or indoor floors
  • Furniture table
  • Placed in a private room to beautify the appearance
  • office lobby, office room,
  • Etc


Neon Granite Price at SimplyStone

What is the price of neon granite stone slabs? SimplyStone provides a choice of the best and most affordable prices according to dimensions, sizes, and also finishing. You can check the price of Neon granite slabs now by contacting SimplyStone. Besides that, you can also consult about natural stone for various needs, there are many products available such as marble, onyx, travertine, and quartzite.

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