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Royal Patagonia Granite


Royal Patagonia granite is a type of natural stone known for its stunning beauty and extraordinary durability. This stone has a unique colour combination, including shades of gold, cream, and grey combined with fine veins and crystal flecks that give it a luxurious and elegant appearance. The natural texture and pattern of Royal Patagonia Granite make it a favourite choice for a variety of interior and exterior applications. This natural stone not only adds aesthetic value to the space but is also a long-term investment because of its strength and can last for decades without decreasing in quality. Caring for this granite is relatively easy, just regular cleaning using non-abrasive cleaning agents to maintain its shine and cleanliness. Royal Patagonia granite provides a touch of luxury and exclusive impression to every project, making it the right choice for those of you who want a combination of natural beauty and superior performance in one natural stone product.


Use of Royal Patagonia Granite in Buildings


The use of Royal Patagonia Granite in the building provides a touch of unmatched luxury and elegance. This granite is often used for kitchen and bathroom areas, this granite is very resistant to scratches, heat and stains. Apart from that, Royal Patagonia Granite is also suitable for floors and walls, giving an elegant and luxurious impression to living rooms, lobbies or conference rooms in commercial buildings. The use of this granite not only improves the aesthetics of the building but also increases the investment value of the property. Apart from interior areas, Royal Patagonia Granite can also be applied to building exteriors, such as facades and terraces, thanks to its high resistance to extreme weather and temperature changes. This granite gives the building facade a majestic and timeless appearance, creating a stunning first impression for every visitor. This granite can be used in patio or garden areas to create walkways, granite retaining walls, or other decorative elements, providing a harmonious appearance with the surrounding natural environment. Let's take a look at some applications where Patagonia Royal Granite has proven to be the right choice for various types of buildings


  • Bathroom Area
  • Various Types of Tables
  • Indoor and Outer Floors
  • Inner and Outer Walls


Get Patagonia Royal Granite Only From Simplystone


Get premium Royal Patagonia Granite only from our natural stone shop. Simplystone is known as a provider of high-quality natural stone that many customers trust in Indonesia. The Royal Patagonia granite that we offer has a unique pattern with a distinctive colour combination that exudes luxury with a size of 190x320. Each granite slab is carefully selected to ensure the best quality. Our team of experts is ready to help you at every stage, from selecting granite that suits your design needs, to the correct installation process. Get Patagonia Royal Granite only from Simplystone and experience an extraordinary transformation in each of your rooms with premium quality natural stone. Apart from this type of granite slab, we also provide dozens of other types of natural stone such as travertine stone, quartzite stone, onyx stone, blue onyx, and Italian marble which are suitable for marble bathrooms and also other types of natural stone.

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