13 May 2022 - by Simplystone

Quartzite Macaubus Illusion


SimplyStone provides premium quality quartzite stone directly imported from the best mines. One of them is the type of macubus illusion that can be used for interior or exterior displays. With a combination of beautiful motifs and colors, this quartzite macubus illusion stone is very suitable to be applied to your home.


With motifs of red, white, black, and a blend of orange, the Macubus Illusion can be used indoors. It is very solid and does not scratch easily, making Macubus Illusion a popular choice for those who are looking for an alternative to black granite.


Suitable Applications For Quartzite Macaubus Illusion


Because of its density, the macubus illusion requires a good polish, it also needs to be sharpened and brushed. We are always careful in providing these stones, SimplyStone only provides the best aesthetics and material quality. This also allows the use of this stone on the exterior or exterior of your building.


This macubus illusion natural stone is suitable for use in many ways, for example:

  • Table furniture
  • Wall and floor accents
  • Exterior like terrace
  • Bathroom
  • Living room, office lobby,
  • etc


Get The Best Products From SimplyStone


Simplystone offers quality macubus illusion products at the best prices, with prices adjusted to the size needed. You can request a custom size, starting from the smallest size we provide, which is 195x324. For more detailed information, you can directly contact SimplyStone now. Also, get a free consultation on various needs of the best-imported quality natural stone.

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