27 November 2021 - by Simplystone

Rainbow Onyx


Rainbow Onyx is one of the types of products and variants of onyx stone slabs available at SimplyStone. Rainbow Onyx has an attractive color combination, namely red gold, white, and light brown. This natural stone will be very suitable when combined with Pietra Gray Marble and Eramosa Marble, making interior projects look perfect.


This natural stone is known as one of the slabs that have the durability of a brush and is not easily scratched and cracked. So you don't need to worry about making this onyx rain bomb material for the interior or exterior of your home. Currently, there are many applications of this type of natural stone, rainbow onyx, ranging from homes, villas, office buildings and other buildings.


Application of Rainbow Onyx Slabs


Because it is known for its strong durability, this Rainbow Onyx slab is widely used in various building furniture both for interior and exterior parts. Some applications of Rainbow Onyx For Interior Projects:

  • Walls: Has a luxurious feel by providing backlit, soothing backlighting due to the translucent nature of onyx.
  • Kitchen and Room Countertops: Combined with other natural stones such as marble and granite will certainly make your kitchen look elegant and attractive.
  • And Various Other Projects: Onyx stone products are suitable for use in almost any interior project.


Get Rainbow Onyx Only From Simplystone


SimplyStone sells Rainbow Onyx stone slabs starting at 171 x 288 in size, but you can request different sizes as you wish. Contact SimplyStone for consultation on sizing and other products. Immediately contact SimplyStone now to find out the best prices for the best quality natural stone products. Get a free consultation for your natural stone needs from our team of experts.

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